Are Macs Now BETTER Than PCs In 2023

Are Macs Now BETTER Than PCs in 2023?


The personal computer Market has changed a lot in the past two years and the differences between Mac and PC are starting to break tradition and even though the great Mac vs PC debate rages on and will continue to do.

So the introduction and subsequent evolution of Apple silicon has already started to disrupt the status quo, for example, Max actually good at gaming now well more on that later so here are my thoughts and a few main things I’d like to discuss after spending the last year testing benchmarking and using both team Mac and team PC.

Now disclaimer I use both Mac and PC on a daily basis and at the end of the day I’m not saying one is better than the other as always you should buy whichever one you like best that also suits your needs.

In this article ”Are Macs Now BETTER Than PCs in 2023?” we will gone deep into these both of performances and let’s find out which one is more interesting machine.

Performances Difference

So let’s start with performance now in the past it’s been generally accepted that PC systems are more powerful when compared to Max and in a lot of areas even with apple silicon this is still true like gaming 3D modeling and rendering machine learning and several more the Mac gets destroyed in these areas often due to software not being optimized but if you take a look at other areas mainly the creative side of things.

They’re either pretty comparable or just straight up better on an Apple silicon Mac take the Adobe suite, for example, something that usually ran better on a Windows PC now Adobe being buggy in general and crashing all the time aside once it got updated for Apple silicon Max.

The results were impressive take after effects, for example, it only received native Apple silicon support in mid-2022 and as you can see the M1 Max MacBook.

After Effect Performance mac vs pc

Pro was able to outperform an Intel 12900h and RTX 3080Ti laptop in both Puget bench and a real-life 2D animation scene this was also the case when looking at video editing which traditionally has been a strong point.

Davinci Resolve Studio Performace mac vs pc

already for Max but it is impressive nonetheless to see it outperforming a high-end Intel and RTX system in almost every area but if the Mac can’t use its dedicated encode and decode media engines that support h.264 hevc and prores codecs it kind of falls apart so it really depends on the specific workflow you’re throwing at each machine regardless of what system you end up choosing you should also use a password manager which is where nordpass.

Gaming Experience Difference

let’s take a quick look at gaming because this is something that only very recently changed massively earlier this year during WWDC 29 22 Apple announced an update to their very own

Metal 3 Accelerating graphics

metal API now if you’re not familiar with metal and what it does it’s basically the Apple version of Vulcan or
DirectX is in what most modern games run on now these

A Plague Tale Requiem

Graphics APIs essentially act as a middleman between the software and the hardware of your computer and if the required API to run a certain game isn’t compatible with your operating system.

You simply can’t play that game and that’s a problem for Max because DirectX doesn’t really work on Apple silicon and it’s the API that most games you’d want to play run on that’s where metal 3 comes in apple seems to be putting a lot of time and effort into making mac of time and effort into making mac developers and metal 3 has a number of really cool new features like metal FX really cool new features like metal FX API in layman’s terms this is Apple essentially saying to game developers.

Hey we just made it way easier for you to translate your games into the metal API and allow them to be played on Max and Capcom answered the call with their new AAA-rated game Resident Evil Village it now runs natively on Apple silicon that’s right no Rosetta 2 parallels or
emulation software required and the results were pretty good I mean on the M1 MacBook Air which doesn’t have a fan and is now over two years old.

I was able to have a pretty decent experience at medium and low settings sure I was medium and low settings sure I was there was a little bit of stuttering and dropped frames but hey it’s still pretty impressive for a newly released AAA rated game definitely better than any Windows laptops with integrated graphics and

mac and pc price comparison

when I bring the big boys in a 16 inch M1 Max MacBook Pro with 32 GPU cores and 32 gigabytes of unified memory and a Windows gaming laptop with the latest Intel 12900h CPU and RTX 3070 TI GPU the results are interesting using an external Monitor and at the same resolution in graphical settings.

The gaming laptop still destroys the Mac gaming laptop still destroys the Mac obviously the gaming laptop is much obviously the gaming laptop is much pretty well on the MacBook and if I turn on sync and lock the fps to 60 it actually runs just as well and as actually runs just as well and as with lower FPS.

so pretty promising right obviously, in my opinion, it will still be years until the needle on Mac gaming years until the needle on Mac gaming proper Windows gaming laptops will always be better but this is probably the most significant improvement to Mac gaming.

Still Needs Improvement

we’ve seen in a while now one other major difference between the two platforms is obviously fan noise heat and power draw gaming test.

Noice Performance between macbook vs pc

I just did the Windows computers get way hotter than the Apple silicon Max they also need to run their fans at a much higher RPM which results in some massive noise differences and they not only suck two to three times more power but need to be attached to their charger for full performance.

The Apple silicon MacBooks which is so efficient that their battery is able to provide enough wattage even at maximum performance if you look at the powerful desktop offerings from both teams like this custom 12900k and RTX 3090 build I did a few months ago and a 48 core GPU.

M1 Ultra Max studio the power draw differences are massive and I did get a bit of criticism on that people were like who cares about power drawing you’re after maximum performance and while that might be true in some situations since that video the cost of power in many areas has tripled or more which might make some people think twice before going with a beefy RTX system.

GeForce-RTX4090 Power Supply Requirement

Especially the newly released RTX 4090 which sucks newly released RTX 4090 which sucks be fair you can underclock those cards and reduce the wattage by 75 to 150 watts and only lose a few percentage points of performance but speaking of the RTX 4090.

Apple Might Need More Attention

Let’s talk about the future for a second because I’m not too sure how Apple silicon is going to fare against some of the new tech coming out from Intel Nvidia and AMD and without going into too much technical details here.

I think apple is in trouble Intel seems to to be finally waking up from that decade-long Slumber and actually coming out with some pretty significant improvements to their CPUs their new 13th gen CPUs for example are impressive and wreck anything that Apple silicon has to offer in terms of performance and the wattage isn’t too bad either there are also rumors that Intel is developing are also rumors that Intel is developing efficient CPUs specifically targeted at efficient CPUs specifically targeted at isn’t really that surprising.

Because I think a lot of these manufacturers are going to be putting a big focus on arm-based systems in the next couple of years not to mention Intel has just years not to mention Intel has just which is going to create a lot of healthy competition hopefully for both impressive updates to their Flagship cards and with all of these new updates and renewed competition.

Apple could find itself losing whatever Advantage it currently has so yeah it’s safe to say that 2022 has been a pretty interesting year I mean we had the

M1 Ultra chip come out earlier this year we also had a brand new M2 MacBook Air and a new M2 Chip but compared to PC and Intel and Nvidia and all the crazy new stuff that’s come out on that side.

I think apple is in big trouble like I said before and I think 2023 and Beyond 24-25 when we potentially start seeing a bigger focus on arm-based systems in general it’s just going to be very interesting to see how everything pans out and how the two platforms stack up against each other.

That’s all for this now hope you get very useful information from this article also hope you get what are you are searching for Please you can visit us for more useful content like this in Future.

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