double screen display laptop

Lenovo Yoga book 9i – double screen display laptop

double screen display laptop

Today we have a Lenovo Yoga book 9i that has a double screen display laptop, yes just one laptop has two OLED Display screens.

So this is the new Lenovo Yoga book 9i. we want to check it out. so this thing is a laptop with double laptop screens so when I first pulled this out I was like haven’t they seen something like this before and I thought about it

I kind of have but not really like I’ve seen devices with multiple screens of different sizes. Before I’ve seen foldable laptops with like bending screens and I’ve also seen laptops with like three screens but never a device with two completely identical OLED panels without a keyboard.

No Keyboard

This is a clamshell device with no keyboard. I’m like okay that’s kind of neat but then the moment I started using this thing within like two minutes.

I was like I got it this thing is awesome and I think almost anyone who uses a double sided screen laptop can appreciate it. what is this device can do.

Lenovo Yoga book

Productivity Improvement

So if you’re using this for work you can throw a document or your email on one screen and then some kind of reference material on the other or you can go vertical if you’re a developer.

Also, you can put your code on one side and then test your app or your site on the other side but you have two separate 13-inch panels for productivity it’s so good.

If you want to do some work while taking like a zoom call or something you can procrastinate at the same time with like a show or a live stream on the other screen and

YogaBook Laptop 91 with pen

If you want to draw or work with any kind of illustration or digital painting you can do it with the included pen and then on the second panel you can have like your reference material while you’re drawing or you can watch a show or you can watch a tutorial on like what you’re doing with that first screen.

Productivity Improvement

For Students Work

For students, if you’re in a lecture you can take notes like you can like pull up some course material on one screen and then work on the other and then you can also add annotations and diagrams to your notes with the pen.

If you’re playing a game on the top screen and then stream snipe someone on that secondary screen. If you want to use the bottom screen or the secondary screen and you can have it as a keyboard like an on-screen keyboard with an eight-finger tap and you can also use a trackpad.


This trackpad is surprisingly good like when i first activated it I was expecting it to be pretty janky but it just tracks and moves so smoothly and there’s also haptic feedback on the buttons down there.Productivity Improvement

Bluetooth Keyboard

Also this double screen display laptop have a own Bluetooth keyboard. This is an external keyboard it has its own battery and it can connect magnetically to the whole setup and this is a nice keyboard.

I like this thing that they’re using to hold the whole product like how is this going to work how do you hold two screens into a usable form factor with just this it snapped together magnetically and  you can place the double screen YogaBook laptop on the stand.

once you have it all set up you can take your keyboard and attach it magnetically to the front of it and you have like this whole two screen setup how sick is that and your pen you can just use it or you can store it in the back and if you don’t like the feel of the on-screen keyboard you can take that Bluetooth keyboard place it on top of that second screen it attaches magnetically it automatically detects it.

Bottom area now becomes that trackpad like mentioned earlier and now you have a tactile keyboard up top so the screens these are both 13-inch OLED panels and they’re really nice 2.8 K 16 by 10 aspect ratio they get bright very good color reproduction they’re just fantastic screens and then at the top of them there’s a webcam this has infrared for facial Biometrics. If you’ve ever used that stuff for logging into Windows and stuff.

Speaker Performance

There’s also some speakers that are kind of tucked away in this hinge in the middle so there’s four in there I would say that they don’t sound particularly great but I have a strong suspicion that this is just super early software I think the drivers are just not tuned yet and so they’re just much quieter than I would expect on a device.

Lenovo Yoga book 9i


Overall now I have not mentioned anything about performance and it’s because this device is running an unreleased chip or unreleased at the time of writing this and it’s a 13th generation Intel u-chip and on a chip like this you’re going to get solid performance but it’s not like super hard for a gaming performance.  

I’m not allowed to Benchmark this thing because this is not available on the market yet but my guess is that this is going to be significantly better than the 12th-generation chip that it replaces just because of what I’ve seen in terms of leaks on the 13th generation slides and same with battery life.

battery performance in double screen display laptop

This double screen display laptop is such an early State it’s pointless to do any kind of battery testing because it’s clearly not optimized by the software but from what I’ve seen so far this is way better than I thought it would be just because it’s a double screen device I thought just like drain juice super quickly, especially with OLED screens.

I think it’s actually going to be a fairly decent battery life for this type of product. I do want to comment real quickly about the finish this is a Kind of Blue anodized aluminum it’s got like a matte finish on the top with a kind of polished chromed-out finish on the edges it’s a nice looking device a very premium-looking device.


This product overall is just so cool it I feel like the way that most people use their laptops would just benefit from having a secondary screen and to have a package that’s quite Compact and to have that full two-screened mobile Computing experience it’s something cool now you do need a little bit of desk space right if you’re always bound to a plane or you’re working in your car you’re not going to maximize the full potential of both screens you do need a little bit of  space to set everything up.

I hope you really love this double screen display laptop very much.

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