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Now Google Has Gaming Laptop – built for cloud gaming


Google Has Gaming Laptop What? ·Cloud gaming has recently become strangely interesting so at the end of September Google announced that they were done with stadia the whole cloud gaming service.  

Google Chromebooks that were marketed as the world’s first laptops built for cloud gaming so Acer Asus and Lenovo had made these Google Chromebooks that were supposedly built for cloud gaming as their focus.


I’m not going to say cloud gaming capable because basically Ivy Chromebook is capable of cloud gaming these were built specifically for gaming on the cloud but what makes them special is their display all three of these devices have a high refresh screen so

120 hertz or higher this one in particular has 144 Hertz.

But it really is like the main feature of what makes this a product that’s built for gaming how do we get rid of this reflection there we go so.

It’s a decent Chromebook and there’s some like gaming laptop-esque features so you got

rgb lights gaming laptop

RGB lights on some of them you have terrible laptop speakers it really is just like a regular Chromebook if I’m being honest but a high refresh screen now at first I thought this was kind of cool.

I’m like yeah that could kind of work right a Chromebook these are inexpensive devices you throw in a high refresh screen you got some high frame rate in games that’s kind of cool and then.

asus chromebook vibe cx55 flip price tag

I saw the price tag of six to seven hundred dollars for one of these Chromebooks and I was like what is going on Chromebooks are like 700 bucks and I get it that this is a kind of higher-end Chromebook so I can kind of get the price tag but being marketed as a gaming-focused Chromebook.

I gotta see what these things can do so I went with this one this is the most expensive one this is from Asus the CX 55 and it’s a hybrid two in one so it can do the whole like bendy flippy thing so you can position the screen and

ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip (CX5501, 11th Gen Intel)

a whole bunch of different ways and actually the first thing I noticed when I pulled out of the box was its weight this is like 4.3 pounds

asus Chromebook vibe cx55 flip weight

almost two kilograms it’s like you would expect a Chromebook to be lighter now I dive into testing games and it’s very easy to set up there’s no installation of game files or anything.

installation process of cloud games

 It just gets right into the games and it’s from the save files from my Steam account and my initial impression was like yeah this wasn’t bad right the games were streaming in the way.

I would expect them to the keyboard feels decent not like the best gaming keyboard but not bad the speakers aren’t great but it kind of comes with the territory with kind of laptop gaming the fan noise is decent right it doesn’t get loud at all even at you know a couple hours of playing cyberpunk.

It’s still a relatively quiet fan and the battery life is solid it’s not like the claimed 12 hours whatever they’re saying I was gonna comfortable with four hours per charge which is a lot better than your average gaming laptop.

I noticed myself thinking that this didn’t feel like a better gaming experience than your average like 300 Chromebook it felt a lot largely identical and I couldn’t figure it out I was like this is supposed to have the high refresh screen and I was looking at the screen and I realized there’s something wrong with this whole idea of high refresh screens for cloud gaming.

Now this particular screen isn’t high-end it’s not particularly bright or color accurate but I can forgive all that it’s more what this whole product category represents so number one not a lot of games that are streamed can even take advantage of high refresh screens like you need to have something that’s like environments that are moving really fast or like competitive Shooters.

Where things are moving really quickly in the game and a high refresh screen would be utilized properly so there are not a ton of games that do it anyways right but secondly when it comes to streaming the image quality that you get is entirely dependent on the bandwidth like the

Requires High-Speed Internet

Internet connection well not entirely dependent but very dependent on it right and when you have you’re trying let’s say you’re trying to stream 1080p at 112 – 20 frames per second that needs about 30 megabytes per second it’s an internet speed that is very attainable but if you don’t maintain that you’re going to get dips in frame rate and fluctuating frame rate is terrible for gaming like if you’re stuck at like you know 110 but then dips to 60 and then back to 110.

chromebook cloud gaming

Final Thoughts

If your love to play games on laptops without any kind of issues or with an average price tag I think you can get this laptop for good performance also there are still 1000+ Games Available on this cloud program and not just this slowly there will come more games you love to play.

So that was all about google chrome and I think this is better if you have high-speed internet or something like that. But if you cannot maintain the internet quality that will create a little problem for you.

So hope this article is very interesting for you and see you in the next interesting article.

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