iOS 17

Meet The NEW iOS 17 – Officially! All features explained!

The NEW iOS 17

The iOS 17 will be the biggest update your iPhone has ever seen apple is definitely gonna surprise us with a bunch of amazing features. 

So let’s take a look at all leaks and rumors with a Sprinkle of wishes and see how iOS 17 might be the best update yet.

Landscape Home Screen

Landscape Home Screen

The first feature we all are waiting for is the landscape home screen. iPhone screens are now even bigger than they were in 2014.

When horizontal layout was introduced with the iPhone 6 Plus that phone had a 5.5 inch screen and the smallest iPhone Apple sells is 13 mini with 5.4 inch display landscape mode for iOS will make using your iPhone far more productive and comfortable there are simply no reasons not to add this feature a few years back you could have said Face ID doesn’t work horizontally so no landscape iOS for you.

Now with iOS 16 Face ID does work horizontally on all iPhones newer than iPhone 13. I really hope Apple will add landscape mode in iOS 7.

Split View And Split Screen

Split View And Split Screen

The second feature we’ve been waiting for years is split view and split-screen multitasking on iPads this feature has existed since 2016.

So why not add it to iPhones Android has that and no one complains such an addition could noticeably increase your productivity and make interaction with your iPhone more pleasant happens.

iPads or Macs and since we spend most of our time on our phones adding this feature makes total sense just just look at the concepts people have been creating don’t they look exciting Apple has everything for it. Powerful iPhones big screens and capable software.

So why not iOS 16 has brought many new features to the lock screen and did a whole lot to give people more freedom to customize their iPhones we can change lock screen fonts and add widgets change system funds and much more.


Customization is something you can’t get enough of both in iPhones and Macs and until recently customization on Mac was limited to changing wallpapers but with Superlayer you can finally add that little bit of personality your computer is lacking.


After you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store you get a little super layer icon in the top status bar clicking on here will then let you go in and browse or edit the widgets you’ve chosen.

Because of this application, we can do some customization just to add some widgets or clock layout settings And color appearance.

Add a Reminder Widget

There let’s add a reminders widget I’m going to click and drag the reminders widget that’s currently there onto my desktop we’ll customize this widget but because we’ve added that widget from the library any changes we make to the library version will update the desktop widget in real-time.

Here also you can do some customizations but also there is limitations for you.

Library Of Home Screen Styles

Library Of Home Screen Styles

I don’t want to use Focus having a specific library of home screen Styles would be great for people who love to change icon placement from time to time paired with the free grid.

It would be perfect for arranging your apps so they, for example, go around the wallpaper you have these visual packs would be really nice to have don’t you think always on display could also receive an update and get more features currently.

We can turn it on or off with no extra option it would be great to change its brightness the amount of content displayed the colors and all that it would be really nice to be able to turn it all black with only widgets and a clock it would make it far more productive and far less distracting plus it will consume less battery and the charging

Pro Mode For The Camera In iOS 17

iOS 17 we are expecting a major camera redesign and update we’ll finally get more in-app settings there are no concrete proofs to confirm that but apple is surely moving in that direction.

We already can change the resolution in the camera without opening the settings app so add in more settings hiding under a dedicated button would be a smart move the iPhone camera is the most popular camera in the world.

So it should also be the most versatile and comfortable to use an opening setting each time is not very convenient camera update could also give us a proper Pro mode for the camera.

Many people use iPhones to record YouTube videos short films or just learn video production and having a dedicated Pro mode would be amazing for them with manual focus aperture control ISO shutter speeds all that stuff we all love Apple.

If Pro mode will be added in iOS 17 it would definitely be the most priced iOS update ever you know what else could be added the ability to pause video recording iOS has always been somewhat limited and restrained but not having a pause button for video recording.

Photographic Style  

We all are also waiting for a photo-on-blur feature like Google pixels have everyone has hundreds of photos that are blurred or somewhat bad having a dedicated instrument for improving them could save lots of memories.

Photographic Style

One more thing we should expect is smart object remover pixels have that and apple can already accurately detect objects so adding this feature will bring iPhones closer to being the ultimate cameras deleting people Birds signs and any distractions from photos/

what we need iOS 17 could also bring photographic styles to videos we all like how iPhone Street photos with these Styles skin tones textures colors everything can be adjusted to our liking the same thing cannot be said about videos.

Every single person will get the same video without personality or unique touch I guess Apple has all the resources needed to bring this feature to iPhones next year it would make total sense both for regular people and more professional filmmakers are there any things.

We can definitely say iOS 17 will bring new emoji’s we already have a billion of them so another dozen would not make any difference.

Privacy Improvements

We definitely will get privacy improvements Apple has been working tirelessly to improve privacy and introduce new anti-tracking features personally I can’t wait to get Apple’s own ad blocker relying on third-party.

Apple already prevents tracking and can block cookies I think Apple will move forward with privacy making the iPhone more secure to use with each system update.

Visual Lookup

visual lookup

The next feature which can be improved is visual lookup by holding the finger over an object in a photo or a video. We can cut it out and drag for example to messages but it cuts out only still images.

Apple could add the support of videos to it this way we’ll be able to create our own animated stickers for messages Instagram stories or TikTok this feature will fuel up the creativity of thousands of people plus it will open new possibilities for young filmmakers and amateur VFX artists copying moving objects from videos and pasting them will definitely.

It allow more people to create interesting content on the go yes it will look janky but it will surely be a killer feature no one has this year we’ve got a new family-sharing photo library feature and I would like to see further development of it.

Now to share photos I need to have a mutual iCloud storage with people I like to share photos with why can I share photos only with my family I think the ability to share photos with friends would be cool just add them to your contacts and you’re good to go my friends are using iCloud or at least I use iCloud so there should be no problem for them to access selected photos or add their own ones it could be a game changer for parties travels or any occasion.

Supported Devices

It can be certain of is the list of supported devices if we look at the tendency we’ll see that every major update drops two generations of icons iOS 13 has dropped 5s and 6, 16 has dropped 6s and 7.

I suppose iOS 17 in its core won’t be too different from IOS 16 so the list of supported devices should remain the same. However, if all the features I’ve mentioned will be added then we’re looking at a pretty beefy update some features will not be supported on all devices for example for visual lookup.

You need an iPhone 10s or newer so according to this Logic for all the upcoming iOS 17 features you will need an iPhone 11 or newer the iPhone 10 and 10s may still be supported for another year but we can be pretty sure that the iOS 17 will be their last update.

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